Our Mission

Our Mission: To provide a way for members of the People of Praise to get a quality education while living the life of Christ together.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet the Staff

Summer Action cannot happen without dedicated staffers who choose to give up their summer to serve the Lord through Action.  These folks make many sacrifices to do this work.  They work for a very small stipend (often taking much less than they could earn elsewhere) to be part of our work and they're working 24/7!

One more week and we'll be under way here in Indy.  Pray for us for a great summer and for more of the Lord.  We'll do some updating as the summer unfolds.  Stay tuned.

Here's the all-star line-up for this summer:

Pam Seale.    "I love being wherever the Lord is noticeably busy going about building his kingdom on earth. Last year was my first serving on Action Summer. I thought I would be there to support the youth who would be coming to work and learn more about the Lord. I was wrong. Action was for me. It's for anyone who who likes to stretch themselves and see the Lord through another lens. I'm glad I'll be there for whatever happens this summer!"

Trish Brewer. "I'm working on Action this summer because I see the Lord redeeming the world through our prayer, hard work and friendships together."

Meghan Couch. "This summer, I am excited to grow in more unity with men and women throughout the People of Praise. I am blessed by the opportunity to get to know and labor with all of you."
Paul Hommes. "I’ve been building the Kingdom here in Indy one project at a time. I’m looking forward to having Action here to speed up the works."

David Gruber. "I am working action staff because I want to learn how to lead young people to the Lord."

George Kane. "I want to contribute to the Action summer’s tradition of challenging high school students to develop spiritual and physical endurance."
Laura Kane. "I love our life in the Triangle and I want to show younger brothers and sisters how wonderful it is to live and work together here."

Gabi Bendele. "After graduating high school I wanted to do something meaningful with my summer, and what would be more meaningful than spending my summer in the Lord's work?"
Matt Rubio. "I am working for POP Action this summer in order to gain more knowledge of God by doing His work."


  1. Looks like the dream team!!! Building it one brick at a time!