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Our Mission: To provide a way for members of the People of Praise to get a quality education while living the life of Christ together.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here We Go...

People are slowly filtering back to Indy for the Spring semester.  Spring - sounds good doesn't it?  South Bend is getting clobbered with snow today but here in Indy there's blue sky but it's very cold.  Spring?  Not so fast.

Pam and I just returned from a few days visiting the New Orleans branch.  The weather was mild.  The food was good.  The hospitality could not have been better.  Visited the New Orleans branch?  I recommend it.  Thanks to the Mahaffeys for their warm welcome.
The Cathedral on Jackson Square.

So what's new for 2011?  I've moved the blog to a new site to make it easier and more flexible to post.  I hope you like the change.  Let me know how it works for you.  Here in the Triangle we're delighted that Rachel Osterhouse is joining the team.  Rachel brings a wealth of household living experience and is an accomplished violinist.  In case you haven't heard, we've moved into the house that was re-located last summer.  The basement is finished and it has created great new living space for the women.

Paul Hommes finishing up the island in the kitchen.

The sunny side room. 

Things are a whole lot more settled this semester than they were back in August when we arrived to begin school year.  So what now?

I'm thinking about our campus surface area.  Now that we have doubled the number of people involved in the campus team here in Indy we have a great many more opportunities to be present to those we meet in our various environments.  Where can we make a greater difference for the Lord this coming semester?  Who, among all the people we meet and the people we already know, has the Lord prepared to receive his life?  What do we and the Lord want to do about it?  There are many possibilities...imagine the possibilities.

The Lord has blessed the Indy campus team at every turn.  We have seen the goodness of the Lord and we share his heart for the world -- may this coming semester provide many opportunities for us to be his light to our world.


  1. As always, Walt, your posts leave me with goosebumps! What you all are doing with the Lord in Indy is awe inspiring! George and Laura have reported to us about the many guests that have joined into your various events there. How blessed we are to have you and Pam at the helm! May God bless this spring semester! The Father loves to surprise us with all He will do!!

  2. Fantastic - life in the Triangle. Annie was anxious and ready to get back to her life with everyone there. God is building a house that will stand! Have a great semester.

  3. Greetings from Northern Virginia and Happy New Year. I second Andrea's comments, as much as I can, and add my blessings to the team and to the people who will experience our life thanks to the team, Pam and you.

    Dave Baldwin
    People of Praise
    Annandale, Virginia

  4. Tom and I were just talking yesterday about what a blessing it is to all of us having you and Pam there in Indy leading the Team. We are praying for an abundance of fruit this Spring from the Team's efforts. Come Lord Jesus and send to us the hearts you have already prepared!

  5. Glory to God! May He continue to grow your numbers this semester and spread His word all over IUPUI! (And come visit the snowy South Bend- I promise it's beautiful!) =)

    -Mary V

    PS- Love the new blog home!