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Our Mission: To provide a way for members of the People of Praise to get a quality education while living the life of Christ together.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Lord's Day Song

This past Saturday we gathered for our first Lord's Day of the new semester.  After the Christmas holidays it was a great pleasure to be together again especially because it was also Laura Kane's birthday.

Trust me, there were women singing, thank the Lord.

Each Lord's Day someone is assigned to create a group activity for after dinner.  This week Trish Brewer taught us a song.  It was challenging enough for the untrained ( me ) but easy enough for us all to learn with just a bit of practice.

Trish taught us the parts with Annie's help on the piano.  The great thing about learning a song together is that we get to make beautiful music but we also exercise our ability to work together as a team.  It was especially great that George's guest, Brad, joined right in and sang along.  I think we'll do more music, it was a great evening.  Thanks Trish, great fun.

Here's a link to the song (it's short, really):  Siyahamba

All for the glory of God,


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