Our Mission

Our Mission: To provide a way for members of the People of Praise to get a quality education while living the life of Christ together.

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Indy Pix...

Well, it's been anything but quiet this week out in Indy.  A cool front passed through last night and after an awfully hot week it has turned milder and drier.  The team took the day off to rest up for week two of the trip after a busy week one.

We tore off old paneling and the some hideous ceiling tile at 1436 Montcalm as well as landscaped all around the yard.  The place is looking good on the outside and getting there on the inside.  The old garage on the back of the property was cleaned out of all kinds of odds and ends that get stored in old garages and is now gaining back some of its dignity but it still needs a lot of work.

On the Southside we cleaned out 31 Karcher.  It had been a long term rental and suffered terrible abuse.  The debris and the old stinking carpet are out of it and the walls have been scrubbed down.  Next steps include more general cleaning and then repairing and repainting the walls.  The backyard of 31 Karcher was also cleared of debris and some old fences taken down.  The yard will get some grading and raking and hopefully some grass seed this week.

Saturday night we celebrated Pentecost with a BBQ on Karcher St.  The forecast was for storms but we prayed in the morning for clear weather and by the time we started it was a beautiful Indiana summer evening.  The Indy branch, some of the Muncie Branch, the Action folks, the Christians in Mission and a contingent of Southside neighbors gathered under a big tent for a prayer meeting.  Michael Coney led the meeting and the Indy music ministry served us well.  It was a night a great praise and worship.  Along toward the end of the meeting prayer teams set up around the yard and people got prayer for more of the Holy Spirit.  It was a great evening.  CIM did a wonderful job again.

We're off and running on week two of Indy #1.  Here's a few pix courtesy of Trish Brewer.

Indy Trip #1

Barbara and Mary Brophy
Pentecost Tent Meeting on the Southside

Katherine, Caitlyn, Mary and Haidy

Gabi's Big Board - Keeping us moving!
Michael Coney welcoming everyone on the Southside

Barbara, Meghan, Kathleen, Liz, Caitlyn, Gabi, Addison, Laura and Mary

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Indy Action Underway

It's day three of Indy Action Summer Trip #1.  The team is working hard in very hot conditions and doing it all in a wonderfully generous spirit.  Each time we pray together we look at another story from Acts where the Holy Spirit is poured out on the church.  We're praying for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit this Saturday at our Pentecost meeting.  Come Holy Spirit.

This week we're working on 1436 Montcalm St.  The house is slated to be the second women's campus household in the Fall.  We'll have at least 14 women living in our campus households next year in two houses.  The house was made into a duplex some years ago and this summer we're putting the two apartments back together to form a single family house once again.  Years of neglect and a whole series of quick fixes that were installed over its years as a rental need to be fixed up so the house will be ready.

Another project has been gutting a house on Karcher Street on the Southside.  This little duplex has suffered severe neglect and needs a lot of love an attention to be livable once again.  The work down on that house on Karcher is hot and dirty.  The Action folks are laboring hard to get the place cleaned out.

We're especially blessed this trip to have Jack and Haidy Busekrus with us from the Oahu branch.  These two troopers are on their second trip to Indy and just like last year, they are working hard to move things forward.  Their faith, good humor and willingness to dive into the work are an inspiration to us all.

Here's a few pictures:

John Mysliwiec and Jack Busekrus working on 1436 Montcalm
Andrea Kane and Haidy Busekrus
The project on Karcher

Paul Kane and Mike Coney on the Southside
Pentecost meeting tent on the Southside, Come Holy Spirit
Lunch on the front porch of the duplex.
The lunch crowd.
Josiah Johnson working on 1436 Montcalm.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thank God !

All three of our campus sisters were admitted to the Nursing School at IUPUI for Fall 2011.  Thank the Lord for their hard work and for answering our prayers.  Entry into the Nursing program is very, very competitive so we're especially happy that the Lord and their hard work has opened this door for them.

I asked each of them to say something about how Campus Household living affected them in the pursuit of their academic goals and here's some of what they said:

Meghan, Annie and Cathy
Annie Putzier: Praise God for the Triangle in Indianapolis! I can not explain enough how much of an impact household and campus division life made on my success academically my first year of college. God is so faithful. Living in the campus division, we are called to learn all that the Lord has for us to learn, as well as to put out studies in common. It is definitely the case that all the nine other women I lived with this past year encouraged me and allowed me to be the best student I could be. Studies are a priority for all of us, and I am so thankful for that. I didn't have to worry about friends not understanding when I decided to spend Friday and/or Saturday nights studying, because most often they were up studying with me! And when the work load became overwhelming, there was never a lack of housemates around to pray over me and for me in my studies. I experienced God's overwhelming peace this year in whatever challenges or uncertainties I faced: a difficult class, an upcoming tests or projects, applications for jobs, the application for nursing school...whatever it was, I knew God's hand was in it, and that His will would come about, whether or not it lined up with my plans.

God is working in huge ways in the Triangle and at IUPUI. I love the life God has called me to in Indy and look forward to the (at least) next 3 years there!!

Pam and Jacqueline
Jacqueline Magill: I am so grateful for the way in which my sisters in household supported me this past year. I could not have succeeded without their continual encouragement and prayer. I was blessed to share classes with and study with my sisters. I really benefited from talking over with them ideas discussed in class. Pam's encouragement, experience, and help during my application to nursing school was a huge advantage. She graciously edited my application essay and took me out to discuss the application process, my goals, and hear how she has brought and continues to bring Christ to the nursing field.

I had a hard interview in the application process. At first, I was very worried that I would still get into the nursing program and frustrated that this should happen to me. But then I realized who better could it have happened to? I had the tremendous support of my sisters in household and faith in our Father.

Although I would say this past year has proved by far the most challenging of all my previous academic years, and I was often anxious that I would be accepted to the IU School of Nursing, again and again, I saw the Lord in my studies. I knew that what was required of me to get into the program and the perfect GPA that I needed to maintain was beyond my abilities. I learned this year what it truly means to rely on the Lord's help in my studies. I found myself saying often on many papers and many tests, "OK, Lord. This is all that I can do. You're going to have to come through for me. If You want me to be a nurse, You're going to have to make it happen." On many a test, paper, and class, I felt His presence and His help tangibly. I know that I was admitted to nursing school because of His power and love. I am deeply indebted to the Father and I am very excited to serve Him as a nurse! Praise the Lord!

Cathy Schwab
Cathy Schwab: This past year of living in household was essential for my acceptance to nursing school. Schoolwork, of course, was a substantial part of these, but my residency status in Indiana was still a question through the first week of January, plus, working at Riley enabled me to go to school at IUPUI from a financial standpoint. In the midst of all of this, household and the relationships born from it were my tether to the Lord and his faithfulness.

There would be times throughout the year when I would be discouraged with my schoolwork and tempted to breeze my way through it, to get it done for the sake of completion and not actual learning. Then, I would walk through the living room and see one or two of my friends in household glued to their anatomy book, planning a physiology mentoring session, or writing a 20 page research paper. Their commitment to their schoolwork was exceptional and by their example, I was encouraged to persevere in my studies.

When I received the news the first semester that my initial request for Indiana Residency was not approved, it was my sisters in household who brought the Lord's peace through their words and actions. I knew that I wanted to serve the Lord by going to school here in Indy, but it could not happen financially without residency. When I appealed the ruling and met with the the Admissions Board at IU, one of my sisters came with me for support, which made all the difference in my peace of mind. Being granted the residency through the appeal was a victory for Lord. My household and the entire campus team prayed this one in! I would not be going to nursing school at IUPUI without it.

My sisters in household have also been essential in supporting my job at Riley Hospital, which has provided the monetary means for me to live in Indy and attend IUPUI. I know many coworkers who go home after their shift to a lonely life consisting of few people with whom to share the hardships and joys that accompany this job. When I came home from the day, I had the opportunity to share these issues over dinner with 9 other women. I experienced the Lord in my sisters' encouragement and interest through these conversations in a way that enabled me to continue to love my job and persevere. It was within these dinner conversations that my sisters shared what they experienced throughout their days, inviting me to turn my focus on the Lord in their lives and avoid dwelling on my day in an unhelpful manner. The Father took care of me through my sisters, thereby enabling me to continue working and going to school.

If I have learned anything from the path of getting into IU Nursing School, it is that God is good. He is ever faithful and desires to reveal his love for us through our life together here on the Campus Team.