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Our Mission: To provide a way for members of the People of Praise to get a quality education while living the life of Christ together.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Downhill Run

 Three more weeks of classes and a week of finals and we'll be done for the school year.  Went by fast. Our last Lord's Day will be on 7 May.

 We're planning to finish strong and get some rest before Action Summer starts on June 6th (that's coming on fast!).

Our three nursing school applicants have all received interviews for entry into the class next fall.  Say a prayer they all get in.

We're gearing up for Action Summer so pray that we can find the right group of summer staffers to make it all work.  This summer we're also doing an Action Summer Intern household for high school guys.  The ASI guys will stay for all three Action sessions here in Indy and live in household together.  We're hoping that they get some experience in household living and learn some valuable work skills.  Pray that we get that off the ground and find the right staff and good candidates.

Oh that reminds me...have you ever done an Action trip?  Come on and do it and you don't have to be a teenager to be a big help.  We need you.

Planning for next year !  Pray for those making college decisions over the next month or so.  We hope to add at least 50% more students next year so pray the Lord provides all we need to make that work (He will).

Some recent pix courtesy of Trish Brewer:

Lord's Day activity

Chris and Trish birthday cakes.

They match!
Pam and Rachel playing Irish tunes.

Isaac and George + Corned Beef !

Trish and Meghan did a HS girls retreat in New Orleans

"Oh come on, smile."  So we did.

Lord's Day conversation

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  1. Great to see your smiling faces, Walt and Pam! God bless the rest of the semester for you all!