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Our Mission: To provide a way for members of the People of Praise to get a quality education while living the life of Christ together.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



We're getting ready for the end of the semester here in Indy.  Next week is the last week of classes and then finals -- everyone seems to be heading in a good direction in classes, praise God.


We're gearing up for Action Summer.  We have just a few key vacancies left to fill for summer staff and then we'll be set to welcome this summer's visitors.  We have a lot of work planned and we're hoping you'll come on out to help.


We have four guys in the application process for the Action Summer Intern household and we're expecting more very soon.  The household is open to High School guys who want to make a difference by getting their hands dirty doing the work of citybuilding.


Is your men's group or women's group ready for a change of pace?  Why not organize a road trip to help out this summer during Action trips?  Get away from the usual meeting routine and do something different.  We're ready to host you here in Indy this summer.  All you have to do to decide to come and we'll work out the details.


Last weekend Indy branch hosted their Action Auction and it was a great event.  Everyone had a great time and we raised a nice donation for the work of Action.  Thanks to the Indy Action team for making it happen.  Here's a few pictures courtesy of Trish Brewer:

David Gruber 

Meghan Couch and Andrea DeLee

Melissa Rader and Naomi Caneff
George Kane, Walt Seale, Chris Walker

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  1. Great challenge, Walt. All of you are doing a great work for the Lord.
    Can you provide some names to go with the photos?
    Bill Brophy