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Our Mission: To provide a way for members of the People of Praise to get a quality education while living the life of Christ together.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Indy Action Underway

It's day three of Indy Action Summer Trip #1.  The team is working hard in very hot conditions and doing it all in a wonderfully generous spirit.  Each time we pray together we look at another story from Acts where the Holy Spirit is poured out on the church.  We're praying for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit this Saturday at our Pentecost meeting.  Come Holy Spirit.

This week we're working on 1436 Montcalm St.  The house is slated to be the second women's campus household in the Fall.  We'll have at least 14 women living in our campus households next year in two houses.  The house was made into a duplex some years ago and this summer we're putting the two apartments back together to form a single family house once again.  Years of neglect and a whole series of quick fixes that were installed over its years as a rental need to be fixed up so the house will be ready.

Another project has been gutting a house on Karcher Street on the Southside.  This little duplex has suffered severe neglect and needs a lot of love an attention to be livable once again.  The work down on that house on Karcher is hot and dirty.  The Action folks are laboring hard to get the place cleaned out.

We're especially blessed this trip to have Jack and Haidy Busekrus with us from the Oahu branch.  These two troopers are on their second trip to Indy and just like last year, they are working hard to move things forward.  Their faith, good humor and willingness to dive into the work are an inspiration to us all.

Here's a few pictures:

John Mysliwiec and Jack Busekrus working on 1436 Montcalm
Andrea Kane and Haidy Busekrus
The project on Karcher

Paul Kane and Mike Coney on the Southside
Pentecost meeting tent on the Southside, Come Holy Spirit
Lunch on the front porch of the duplex.
The lunch crowd.
Josiah Johnson working on 1436 Montcalm.


  1. High energy, high spirits!

    Thanks for the pics---so we can (almost) be there!

  2. Glory! The Kingdom Come on Earth!