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Monday, June 13, 2011

More Indy Pix...

Well, it's been anything but quiet this week out in Indy.  A cool front passed through last night and after an awfully hot week it has turned milder and drier.  The team took the day off to rest up for week two of the trip after a busy week one.

We tore off old paneling and the some hideous ceiling tile at 1436 Montcalm as well as landscaped all around the yard.  The place is looking good on the outside and getting there on the inside.  The old garage on the back of the property was cleaned out of all kinds of odds and ends that get stored in old garages and is now gaining back some of its dignity but it still needs a lot of work.

On the Southside we cleaned out 31 Karcher.  It had been a long term rental and suffered terrible abuse.  The debris and the old stinking carpet are out of it and the walls have been scrubbed down.  Next steps include more general cleaning and then repairing and repainting the walls.  The backyard of 31 Karcher was also cleared of debris and some old fences taken down.  The yard will get some grading and raking and hopefully some grass seed this week.

Saturday night we celebrated Pentecost with a BBQ on Karcher St.  The forecast was for storms but we prayed in the morning for clear weather and by the time we started it was a beautiful Indiana summer evening.  The Indy branch, some of the Muncie Branch, the Action folks, the Christians in Mission and a contingent of Southside neighbors gathered under a big tent for a prayer meeting.  Michael Coney led the meeting and the Indy music ministry served us well.  It was a night a great praise and worship.  Along toward the end of the meeting prayer teams set up around the yard and people got prayer for more of the Holy Spirit.  It was a great evening.  CIM did a wonderful job again.

We're off and running on week two of Indy #1.  Here's a few pix courtesy of Trish Brewer.

Indy Trip #1

Barbara and Mary Brophy
Pentecost Tent Meeting on the Southside

Katherine, Caitlyn, Mary and Haidy

Gabi's Big Board - Keeping us moving!
Michael Coney welcoming everyone on the Southside

Barbara, Meghan, Kathleen, Liz, Caitlyn, Gabi, Addison, Laura and Mary


  1. Looks like good hard work and fun had by all!

  2. I love the Barbara and Mary Brophy! KAK you look the same as always, but then your daughter looks just like you too!
    Keep up all the great work!!
    Barbette Brophy

  3. Gabbi, Michael, keep up the good work!!! Keep up the good work!
    Nice to have Pentecost right in the middle of these two work weeks!!! Come Holy Spirit come!!